Denver high schools are reopening. But how much varies. – Chalkbeat Colorado

Denver middle and high school students are gradually returning to classrooms for the first time in more than 10 months, with in-person classes set to start by Monday at the latest. Many schools are reopening with a hybrid model that combines in-person and remote learning.

But how many days and hours of in-person learning each school offers differs across the city. Denver Public Schools gave schools leeway to come up with their own schedules while adhering to a limit of 17 in-person students per class or 120 students per cohort.

Some schools are following a classic hybrid model, splitting students into two groups and having each group learn in person two days per week. Students will learn online the other two days, with the fifth day reserved for working on assignments on their own at home.

Denver’s largest high school, East High, is also splitting students into two groups. But instead of learning in person for two full days, each group will be in person for four half days.

A few high schools, including North High and John F. Kennedy High, offer as many as four days of in-person learning per week. Others such as George Washington High are keeping classes virtual but offering in-person enrichment. All schools also offer an entirely online option.

Denver’s secondary students have been learning online since March, when the district first shuttered school buildings due to COVID-19. Elementary schools reopened for several weeks this fall, but the district