Waterloo high schools switch to full in-person learning has some both excited and nervous – kwwl.com

WATERLOO, Iowa (KWWL) – Waterloo East and West High Schools will be the last two schools in the district to switch to 100% in-person learning on Monday, February 1. Students, teachers, parents, and staff are both excited, and nervous, for the students to return full-time.

The decision to switch to 100% in-person was made on January 15, before Governor Reynolds signed the bill requiring all Iowa school to offer this as an option.

“We’re making this decision, yes with health in mind, but also with the education of our students in mind, as well,” Waterloo Community School District Chief Officer of Human Resources Kingsley Botchway said.

Hoping to reduce education loss, students at the high school will now be able to attend classes five days a week. The schools were previously on an A/B hybrid schedule, where half the students would come in for only part of the week.

All students who have been attending in-person learning will be in the building at the same time, in addition to any students switching back to in-person learning.

“It is a change of environment from what they’re used to from the beginning of the year,” Botchway said.

District families, teachers, and staff completed a survey back in November, according to Botchway, where the question of comfortability about the switch was asked. He said there was about a 50/50 result in those for the switch, and hesitant about it.

Working constantly with the health department, the district will consider making changes if a school experiences a