Flowery Branch High School holds memorial for two students who died by suicide – Gainesville Times

Courtney Newton-Gonzalez, Flowery Branch High counselor and graduation coach, said coping with the sudden loss of two students has proved “extremely difficult” for the school’s entire team, including teachers and administrators. 

“As a counselor, this is something we’ve been trained on, and we’ve had a lot of education throughout our career about this,” she said. “It’s a day you never want to see. It’s been difficult, but I’m thankful we’ve had a team of counselors here, so we don’t have to deal with it on our own.”

Because of the extra help on hand, Newton-Gonzalez said the school has received enough support to not only have group counseling sessions with students, but also one-on-one time. She said the assistance involves counseling on all levels, including dealing with grief and anything else triggered by the students’ deaths. The services are available to those who attend school in-person and online.