King City and Greenfield high schools see rise in failing grades – King City Rustler

SALINAS VALLEY — Grades among high school students at both King City and Greenfield high schools were evaluated during the latest board meeting of the South Monterey County Joint Union High School District.

Edward Van Hoose, assistant principal at GHS, spoke first with an academic progress report for the third quarter, comparing grades to the first semester.

The total number of A grades went up in all grade levels, with 773 A’s earned by seniors, 937 earned by juniors, 919 earned by sophomores and 693 earned by freshmen. However, the total passing grades, spanning from A to D, was down in all grade levels except for juniors. Passing grades totaled 1,114 for seniors, 1,503 for juniors, 1,532 for sophomores and 1,415 for freshmen.

A similar pattern was found for failing grades, with increases in F’s at all grade levels except juniors. In total, seniors had received 498 F grades, juniors with 606, sophomores with 981 and freshmen with 1,141.

“We are in the midst of academic tests and placement for next school year,” Van Hoose said.

The data from the progress report was compiled Feb. 10.

“Hopefully kids see that and make changes and improve,” Van Hoose said.

To address the problem of increased failing grades, Van Hoose said a number of intervention strategies are being enacted. The school has reached out to English, math, science and history staff to tutor students.

In an era of distance learning, GHS also has two cohorts with 20 students on campus. They will also use virtual tutoring, parent academy,