WSCUHSD to rebrand high schools for new identity – Sonoma West

The West Sonoma County Union High School District (WSCUHSD) board knew it was facing a lot of opposition to its consolidation plans at the March 16 meeting, but that didn’t stop them from voting to move forward with rebranding the remaining schools to help move the district forward and create some sense of unity among the communities being forced together.

“We are very early in the rebranding process and know it might be multiple years before everything is rebranded at all sites,” said Jennie Bruneman, Director of Facilities and Bond Construction Management in a March 17 email.

One rebranding conversation is about how to combine the communities of Analy and El Molino, by creating a new name, new mascot and colors and more. The other is about lifting Laguna High School out of the tendrils of its former reputation to help it be seen as a new entity with new programs and