Torrey Pines High School holds Kindness Relay – Del Mar Times

Torrey Pines High School completed its first Kindness Relay, an initiative created by junior Bailey Grennan that rewards students for the compliments, acts of gratitude and other kind gestures to their friends, family teachers and classmates.

The idea stemmed from student connectedness time that the school regularly holds, in which students participate in various activities that promote togetherness among the student body.

“Our school dedicates that time, but I felt like other schools didn’t,” said Bailey, 16, who has done research, video editing and other work on the school’s student connectedness activities. “It was such an amazing idea of just having kids and teachers mindfully practice kindness.”

She added that “all schools should start to have their students be connected into this.”

Inspired by existing events such as Random Acts of Kindness Week and Pay it Forward Day, the Kindness Relay gave Torrey Pines students one week, which concluded on March 24, to complete as many acts of kindness as possible. The challenge then moves on to other schools participating in the relay, including Canyon Crest Academy and Del Norte.

Participating students have to fill out a Google form describing each act of kindness they completed, along with a photo or other type of proof.