High schools students and parents to host their own proms after COVID-19 causes abnormal school year – Wink News


A group is trying to bring this past abnormal school year to an end that’s as normal as possible. From masks to canceled events to socially distanced sports and clubs.

This school year has been anything but easy for students. So, to help with the stress the year could have caused, one school’s parents and another school’s students are planning a prom.

Senior year at Gulf Coast high school was nothing like the movies or students’ expectations.

Lilly Ackerman is a Gulf Coast senior. “Knowing that your senior year was not going to be normal was also kind of upsetting,” Ackerman said.

Collin Roy is another senior. “It has been a little bit of a letdown not being able to go and support our fellow athletes,” Roy said.

Jade Van Wagner is also a senior at Gulf Coast. “It was just sad that you know we didn’t get a normal senior year and we’re kind of like constantly hoping and waiting for it to be normal again,” Van Wagner said.

So, normal moments like hanging out with friends and bonding with teammates became even more special.

In two weeks, after much hard work and fundraising, 260 Gulf Coast students will get to enjoy a senior year staple.

Trace Davison is one of those seniors. “Now, we are actually going to be able to come together as a senior class and as members of the community and we’re actually going to have our