Centreville High School alumni rally in support of endangered alma mater – MyEasternShoreMD

CENTREVILLE — As executives and members from the Centreville High School Alumni Association toured their alma mater – one of which for the first time since the school’s closure and repurposing in 1966 – comments of history, nostalgia, and concern were all present and accounted for.

“Our shoes were piled up here during our dances.”

“The stairs used to reach further down the hall.”

“I mean, just look at this tile. It’s beautiful.”

“How could they tear this down?”

Facing an unknown future but almost certain vacancy, Centreville High School, which closed in 1966 in conjunction with the desegregation of the Queen Anne’s County school system, has acted as the home office for the county’s Board of Education since 1982. After nearly 40 years of bureaucratic use, however, the board has been granted funding by the county’s commissioners to develop a brand new office space in time for the