Livermore High Schools Join in Solidarity After Tragic Car Crash – Livermore Independent

Following the recent car crash involving six students from Livermore High School, Granada High students set aside friendly rivalry to support their peers with a unifying poster project.

The posters, which were hung up at Livermore High School (LHS) by Granada High School (GHS) leadership students on Tuesday, bore the message, “Two Schools, One Town.”

This project is in response to a car crash in which one LHS student was killed, and five others were injured when their car rolled down a 200-foot slope on Aug. 28.

“Due to the recent events of the car crash and one of our good friends passing away, we decided as a leadership class that we needed to come together and build a community between the two schools,” said Maggie Robinson, a junior at GHS who helped lead the project.

The two high schools have always had a friendly rivalry between their sports